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Shailene Woodley Opens Up About Her Arrest and Reveals She Was Stripped Searched: ‘You Realize No One Can Save You’

Shailene Woodley has revealed the emotional toll that her arrest at the Standing Rock protests had on her. The Divergent star, 25, was arrested in October 2016 while participating in a protest against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. She streamed her arrest on Facebook Live as she was spotted by police officers. “I was strip-searched. Like get naked, turn over, spread your butt cheeks, bend over,” she told Marie Clair UK of


Bill Skarsgard Says His Pennywise Makeup For ‘It’ Was Both ‘Amazing’ and ‘Terrifying’

He’s coming! Bill Skarsgard hit the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of his new movie It on Tuesday, September 5, and talked to US Weekly about how it was to transform into his character — the horrifying clown, Pennywise. The Allegiant star revealed how it felt to see himself as the iconic clown, saying, “It was an amazing, terrifying feeling of seeing the makeup go on for the first time.”   Up until that point, I didn’t know what


Cyber Attack Trends: Detection, Response, and Cure

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the significant rise in cyber-attacks. The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recently reported that 480 major cyber incidents required its attention this year – an average of 60 per month. While this is an astronomical figure, it is likely to rise even further as organizations improve their detection efforts and increase their willingness to report attacks to organizations such as the NCSC. However, being able to


Massive ‘Onliner’ Spambot Holds 711 Million Email Addresses

Security researchers have uncovered one of the largest single spambots ever seen, loaded with 711 million email records. The so-called ‘Onliner’ spambot was discovered by researcher ‘Benkow’ who claimed it has been in use since at least 2016, spreading a banking trojan called Ursnif. It contains around 50GB of emails, credentials and SMTP configuration files, he explained in a blog post. “I have seen this spambot targeting specific countries like Italy, or specific business


Google leaked prefixes – and knocked Japan off the Internet

A routing incident caused large-scale internet disruption. It hit Japanese users the hardest, slowing or blocking access to websites and online services for dozens of Japanese companies. What happened is that Google accidentally leaked BGP prefixes it learned from peering relationships, essentially becoming a transit provider instead of simply exchanging traffic between two networks and their customers. This also exposed some internal traffic engineering that caused many of these prefixes