Julie Bruns


Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson: The Hollywood Cops Out to Prove All Lives Matter

n the history of race relations and law enforcement in the United States, April 2017 will surely be regarded as the month the tide turned. First came the working of Kendall Jenner, a Pepsi advert that began as a sort of soda spiritual, but ended up showing us that we had the answers to this little problem all along. Now comes news of a would-be landmark documentary focusing on the relationship


Travel hacks that’ll save you time and money

I am a wanderlust at heart. I love travel and adventure. I love seeing new places and cultures. I love trying new things and discovering new details of the world that I may otherwise never know. But as we all know, travel costs money and takes time that isn’t always at our fingertips. While we can save up vacation time from our jobs and portion part of our paycheck to


The USA’s best new homes

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected the winners of its 2017 Housing Awards. The event is always a treat for fans of high-quality housing, and whether a luxury lake house for the well-heeled or rehabilitative housing for disabled veterans, each project represents the best residential architecture the USA currently has to offer. There’s a total of 14 projects in the 2017 Housing Awards, split into the following categories: