Celebrities Support Climate March

Celebrities Support Climate March

Celebrities are supporting the People’s Climate March on Saturday. See reaction tweets from Hollywood stars below.

The Climate March is taking place in Washington, D.C., with environmental activists marching from the Capitol to the White House to the Washington monument. The goal is to peacefully protest Donald Trump’s climate policies. The president does not believe in climate change, nor does Scott Pruitt, his head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The march coincides with Trump’s 100th day in office, and isn’t limited to Washington. There are similar events taking place in cities across the country. And among the notable names participating is Leonardo DiCaprio, who posted the above photo on Twitter. “Honored to join Indigenous leaders and native peoples as they fight for climate justice. Join me in standing with them. #ClimateMarch,” he wrote.

Mark Ruffalo, who shared a photo from the New York protest, tweeted, “Love to all gathering at the great #peopleclimate March. #resist #renew #rebuild.” Russell Simmons told fans, “Follow @DefendOurFuture for live updates from the #ClimateMarch!” While supportive of the protests, Alyssa Milano lamented, “We shouldn’t have to march to show solidarity for scientific facts. #climatemarch.” Along with a video, Rosario Dawson said, “‘Change Climate Change’ -narrator William Shatner #Love! #ClimateMarch #RezpectOurWater #MniWiconi #WaterIsLife #UpToUs #ScienceNotSilence.”

Kerry Washington also tweeted, “Sending love and prayers and sooooo much gratitude to all you folks at the #climatemarch #wematter.” Jane Fonda declared, “We march for many reasons – but we march together. #climatemarch.” Posting footage of the massive crowds, Zach Braff commented, “This line to get into Trump’s pep rally is insane! Jk #ClimateMarch.” Beau Willimon also tweeted a clip to the president, saying, “Hey @realDonaldTrump, on your 100th day know this: you will come & go, but the Earth & the Resistance is here to stay. #ClimateMarch #Resist.”

“Great to see ppl take to the streets & combat climate change, protect the next generation & fight for jobs & economic justice. #climatemarch,” tweeted Hillary Clinton. Al Gore, former vice president and current environmental advocate, said, “I’m proud to join everyone in DC&around the globe at today’s People’s #ClimateMarch! #BeInconvenient #PeoplesClimate.” And former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders expressed, “Congratulations to all those participating in the #climatemarch. We will fight Trump who thinks climate change is a ‘hoax.’”

The Climate March comes one week after the March For Science, and follows the Tax March and Women’s March. Other stars showing support through “likes” and retweets on social media include Don Cheadle and Mandy Moore.